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Keychain with Maxi Large Saint Charm

16.99 €

This St. Christopher keychain
will help to protect you on all your wonderful adventures and bless you with safety. Whether you are enjoying waves or holidays, the city lifestyle or a nomadic life following the sunshine. Designed for guys and girls. Travellers, surfers, wonderers.


Silver plated and anti-allergic.


Great choice as a travelling accessory!


Lovely Blest Saint Christopher Medallion!

The legendary saint carried a child, that later revealed himself as Christ across a dangerous river. Since then, St. Christopher is known as the patron of travelers and adventurers. Medallions with his blessing are carried for protection.


The Best Gift Of Protection Ever!

Blest Saints Christopher Talisman was made for all of us – car drivers, motor bikers, surfers, students leaving their homes for studies abroad, travelers, for work or pleasure, so simply for all of us.


Necklace with Saint Christopher Pendant

The amulet is perfect for woman, man, kid, teenager who loves fashion. The medal style pendant is large enough to appreciate the artistry, but small enough to wear daily as a fashionable and on trend and pretty accessory to go with your outfit.


Blest Designs High Quality Jewelry!

This beautiful medal comes with the highest quality silver plating, to keep long lasting beautiful shiny color. Waterproof and antiallergenic, non-toxic.


Purchase Your St. Christopher Talisman Bracelet for Safety in Your Travels and every day!

We encourage you to buy this hand-finished Christian St. Christopher Pendant with Charm today to experience true craftsmanship and beauty. Blessings and good luck to you all!




Keychain with Maxi Large Saint Charm

16.99 €

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