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Blest. Medallions

Blest. is original
handcrafted jewellery, created with
intentions to charm and provide blessings
of protection to those we care about.
It is an authentic treasure for all.

Each Blest. charm
is made from responsibly sourced
materials to guarantee the quality.

You can choose
the medallion made from
silver plated eco alloy,
sterling silver or
solid gold.

Its signature
soft enamel colouring
comes in multiple colour variations.
There are 3 sizes to choose from:
mini, midi, maxi.

A jewellery with meaning,
Blest. is a perfect gift for everyone.
It represents protection, love, family.
Given by the one who cares, this medallion
becomes a true heartfelt talisman
with good St. Christopher
looking over its wearer.

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