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Blest. Saint

The classic Blest. collection,
with St. Christopher charm,
is for those who treasure tradition.

The blessing of protection,
is given by Saint Christopher,
looking over its wearer.


Blest. Saint necklace

Classic Blest. jewellery,

to adorn your style. Be inspired

when choosing the colour combination

to match or contrast your outfit.

Our tip:
Layer different sizes,
metals and chain lengths
to create your own
unique look.

Necklace available in:
silver plated eco alloy

mini midi maxi


Blest. Saint bracelet

with mini St. Christopher charm

Define your style
with the customised bracelet,
to compliment your mood and look.
Choose a vibrant colour combination of
your medallion and elasticated band, that
is adjustable to perfectly fit the wrist.
Easy to put on and take off,
allowing you to create the
Blest. style of your own.

Our tip:
Be playful, swap the medallions
from your Blest. necklace and bracelet
to create multiple styles.

Charm available in:
silver plated eco alloy

Elastic band available in:


Blest. Saint keychain

with maxi St. Christopher charm

The perfect choice
if you are not the jewellery type, yet
want the blessing of Saint Christopher
with you as a treasured
travelling talisman.

Our tip:
This is a great gift
for new friends you will meet
on your travels or the ones
embarking on adventures
around the world.

Available in silver plated eco alloy.


Blest. Saint coin

with mini St. Christopher charm

The coin for luck,
you can carry in your wallet
everywhere you go, knowing,
that St. Christopher is always
there to protect you.

Our tip:
Ideal gift of protection
for your parents, godparents
or grandparents.

Available in silver plated eco alloy.

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