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Blest. jewellery is made from high quality eco alloy, sterling silver and solid gold. All materials are responsibly sourced.

Eco alloy

The majority of Blest. products are made from silver plated eco alloy metal, which is an alloy of copper, zinc, aluminium and magnesium. All alloy products are silver plated. Alloy is the most affordable quality metal for jewellery. Blest. medallions are plated with fine silver and typically oxidize faster than precious metals. They have a protective lacquer coating. It  slowly wears off when used. Blest. eco alloy products are antiallergic.

Please see our Jewellery Care recommendations that will help you to look after your Blest.


Blest. signature enamel is soft and handmade, making the jewellery more durable.

Elastic band

Although from a high quality material, it may become damaged or discoloured if submerged in water. The band can stretch over time, which is not a defect of the product.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver is the most popular metal for jewellery. It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It is an excellent material for jewellery, as it preserves its colour and has a great durability. Blest. sterling silver products are antiallergic.

It is natural for sterling silver products to oxidize and tarnish after some time of usage. This process will happen to all silver products over time. To remove the tarnished color, we recommend to use a silver cloth or silver bath.

Solid Gold

Blest. gold jewellery is made from solid 18 carat gold: white, yellow or rose. Gold is the most durable material for jewellery. It is colour resistant and does not tarnish. For everyday comfortable use, this is the best material to choose. We recommend using a gold cleaning cloth or silver bath to look after your gold jewellery.

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