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Blest. Collections

Blest. is original
handcrafted jewellery, created with
intentions to charm and provide blessings of
protection to those we care about.

There are three collections:

Blest. Saint

The classic Blest. collection,
with St. Christopher charm,
is for those who treasure tradition.

The blessing of protection,
is given by Saint Christopher,
looking over its wearer.


Blest. Spirit

The signature Blest. collection,
with Blest. label charm,
for those who create new traditions.

The blessing of protection
is given by Saint Christopher,
spirited by Blest.


Blest. Grand

The premium Blest. collection,
made from precious metals, for those
who seek a talisman of grand value,
to revere forever.

The blessing of protection
is given by Blest. Saint charm.


Make a lucky choice
to discover which will become
your personal talisman or perfect
gift of protection.

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