Jewellery Care and Materials

Jewellery care

Each Blest. charm is handmade in Portugal, plated by sterling silver or solid gold, responsibly sourced to guarantee the highest quality. A talisman so dear to you deserves your gentle devotion.
After many years on the market, we can proudly guarantee that our products are waterproof. Medallions can be used in the shower and while swimming in the sea. 
In order to avoid blows to and marks on handcrafted surfaces fine jewellery must be worn with caution. It must not be directly exposed to hard and rough objects that may cause damage to the precious metal – among these other pieces of jewellery, door knobs, bannisters, garden tools, tools and stoneware and clay pottery.




Blest. jewellery is plated with sterling silver or solid gold. All materials are responsibly sourced.


Silver/gold plating

The majority of Blest. products are silver/gold plated. Blest. medallions are plated with fine silver or gold. They have a protective lacquer coating. Blest. products are antiallergic and water-proof.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver is the most popular metal for jewellery. It consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It is an excellent material for jewellery, as it preserves its colour and has a great durability. Blest. sterling silver plated products are antiallergic. It is natural for sterling silver products to oxidize and tarnish after some time of usage. This process will happen to all silver products over time. To remove the tarnished color, we recommend to use a silver cloth or silver bath. 


Solid Gold

Blest. gold jewellery is goldplated with solid 18 carat gold. Gold is the most durable material for jewellery. It is colour resistant and does not tarnish. For everyday comfortable use, this is the best material to choose. We recommend using a gold cleaning cloth or silver bath to look after your gold jewellery.


Oxidised silver

Oxidising is a treatment of the precious metal surface making the silver appear greyish black. Oxidised silver jewellery used daily becomes polished in exposed areas – grooves and dents are better protected – and will in time wear off entirely on smooth surfaces.  

Oxidised silver jewellery must not be exposed to jewellery detergents, which will only destroy the oxidised surface. An oxidised silver surface must only be cleaned with special jewellery cleaning cloth.

Note: Gold plated jewellery does not oxidize. 


Enamel colouring

Blest. signature enamel medallions are handmade, coloured with various colours, making the jewellery fashionable and unique. 


Elastic band, cotton cord and silk

Our bracelets are made from cotton, silk or polyester.  Although from a high quality material, it may become damaged or discoloured if submerged in water and by daily use. The band can stretch over time, which is not a defect of the product.

Since cotton is natural material, the colour of the bracelets may fade after some time. Please be mindful that daily use creates slightly worn look to the bracelets. This is a natural reaction of the material and will therefore not be accepted as consumer complaint.

Silk bracelets are a natural product and must be treated gently and with care.  Daily use may cause wear to the silk fabric – just as it would to any other silk product, e.g. a silk blouse. Exposing the silk to water, oils, lotions, perfume, detergents etc. may change the appearance of the bracelet drastically. Charms may leave black marks on a silk bracelet. This is a natural reaction to the precious metal’s encounter with the silk and will therefore not be accepted as consumer complaint.

Store your Blest. away from natural sunlight and heat, in a clean and dry place (When storing in damp and hot conditions, jewellery can tarnish)
Use of silver polishing liquids, silver dips, ultrasonic cleaning and a tumbler should be avoided with enameled/coloured silver plated products
Enamel coloured medallions are sensitive for direct sun light. The colour naturally fades when exposed to intense sun heat. 
Blest. is not suitable for little children where is a danger of swallowing the small parts. 


Every Blest. has a 2 year guarantee.

To ensure that you enjoy your jewellery for as long as possible, please note that, despite the use of high quality alloys, silver and gold metals, Blest. jewellery is not completely resistant to impacts, scratches and other damage that can occur through use, even after a short time.

External influences like scratches and tarnishing are normal signs of wear and tear and are not material faults. Broken chain, wear and tear and failure to follow the products care are excluded from guarantee.