“There is nothing more beautiful than a gift of protection.
A personal charm, with a special meaning.

Vanda Vavercakova


Travelling has always been a part of my life. 
At eighteen years old, I became a flight attendant,
and spent my university years discovering new places.
As a director and business partner of an international jewellery brand,
for almost ten years, I am charmed by jewels. I love 
how dear they become over a time, with 
significant memories attached to them.
I’ve always wished to bring a gift with meaning 
from my travels, a talisman for my loved ones and to have one myself,
 for protection on my adventures. But I couldn’t find one.
In 2016 I moved from Slovakia to Portugal. 
When I arrived to Lisbon, a statue in front of the airport building 
caught my attention.  It was the figure of a man holding a child in one hand 
and a staff in the other. Below was the inscription ‘Sao Christovao’.
Later that day I discovered that it was St. Christopher, 
the protector of travellers.
Intrigued, I read beautiful stories about St. Christopher. 
To me, he is a protector of all people, as we all travel these days, 
whether to work or just for pleasure, everyday or occasionally. The idea 
of jewellery for protection began to form in my imagination. I pictured it being 
very colourful and unique, affordable to everybody. Something you 
can easily buy for family, friends or yourself.
Blest was created in March 2017. With beautiful 
intentions to charm and give a blessing of protection to those we 
care about. It is a good luck offering for all. Loved ones, travellers, those 
enjoying sports, dreamers and adventurers. Differently coloured medallions 
are named after places and cities that touched my heart.
I feel blessed, that I could create
a wonderful charm for everyone’s protection.
 Whether you are enjoying waves or holidays, the city 
lifestyle or adventures following the sunshine.
My heart is glowing, knowing that my man has the Blest. 
necklace with him while travelling or surfing and my son wears  
his talisman for protection as a beautiful bracelet. My parents, who are far away 
from me, keep it in their car. My brothers have their medallions on a keyring as 
a favoured  gift. And my grandparents carry their Blest. coin in their wallet.
I hope that Blest. will become a dearest talisman to all loved ones.