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Blest. Be Grateful Bracelet Army Green

9.99 €

Blest. Be Grateful Bracelet Army Green
Define your style with the customized woven cotton bracelet, to compliment your mood and look. Beautiful mix of colors create long lasting band. Easy to put on and take off, tied with a knot, allowing you to create elegant or sporty style.  Universal size. Easy to combine with different accessories.

? A THOUGHTFUL AND UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: This charm represents protection, love, family, given by the one who cares. Give someone you love, such as your mom, grandma, wife, sister or friend this St. Christopher pendant on a chain which is gift-ready in beautiful packaging. Jewelry medal with meaning, a beautiful talisman for protection for those we care about. For birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduation, or any other occasions.


Blest Saints Christopher talisman was made for all of us:

Drivers – Perfect gift for car or motorbike drivers to remember, that there are other people thinking of them and of their protection and wishing them a safe return.

Children and babies – St Christopher medal is a special protective religious gift for young children and babies as it reflects the start of their journey through life.

Students – leaving their homes to study abroad having one of the biggest adventures of their lives and it is likely to be their first major travel experience away from family and home.

For travelers – simply all of us, because most of us travel every day, either for work or pleasure.

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Blest. Be Grateful Bracelet Army Green

9.99 €

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